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Mission Statement :“To remain the leading and most accessible high quality beer, delivering superior enjoyment and brightening all social occassions; using music as a platform for the demonstration of Fun, Friendship and celebration of Life.”Nigeria's number 1 beer is brewed to perfection with the highest quality natural ingredients. Our special cold filtered brewing process guarantees superior quality and optimal cold refreshment. Each bottle of Star beer is subjected to over 250 quality checks ensuring you can enjoy your fresh and original Star!

Star Finest Lager beer 12x600ml

SKU: 0003
  • 1940s to 1950s – STAR was introduced into the Nigerian market on June 2, 1949. Creating the first indigenously brewed beer in a market that was dominated exclusively by imported brands. Shortly after its entry into the market, STAR overcame the challenges associated with a new brand in a market already used to imported beer and started on a path of tremendous growth.

    1960s to 1990s – STAR attained market leadership in 1960, with sales of about 2,191,376 crates in 1962 and by 1975, the figure had risen to 11,266,000 crates. STAR is largely responsible for the growth of the Nigerian indigenous beer industry as the success story of this icon – STAR, has influenced the introduction of other successful brands – Gulder, Maltina, Heineken, Legend Extra Stout, to name a few.

    2000s – As at 2003, the sales figures were already in the region of 40 million crates for that year alone. In 2007, sales for the brand rose tremendously to over 49 million crates, which has made STAR one of West Africa’s leading beer brands, selling more than 3 million hectoliters annually in Nigeria alone.

    In 2007, STAR took another innovative stride by introducing packaging in cans, which made it the first Nigerian beer to be canned. With this, STAR cans successfully generated additional sales volume by tapping into previously unexplored consumption occasions – over 1.5 million trays were sold in the first year alone. Undoubtedly, the introduction of the STAR can has become yet another proof of the “Brightness,” which can only be delivered by STAR to its teeming consumers.

    In 2009, STAR celebrated 60 years of “Sharing Brightness” in the Nigerian market. To mark a glorious celebration for an iconic brand that has entrenched itself as a market leader and into the hearts of millions of Nigerian consumers, STAR was given a new and modern identity and packaging that reflects the unique character of the brand to ensure its relevance and superiority in the coming years

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